The Automatic Monoblock Filling and Capping Machines and Labler Machine are commonly used in the Pharmaceutical Medicated Oil products industry for efficiently packaging products such as Medical Oil, Wind Oil, Herbal Oil, Green Oil, Essential Oil. Application on Glass Roll On Bottle, Small Mouth Neck Glass Bottle from 1ml, 3ml, 7ml, 10ml, 24ml 28ml and 50ml. These machines automate the process of filling containers with the product and securely capping them, increasing productivity and ensuring consistency in packaging.




1. Small Scale Monobock Medicated Oil Filling Capping Machine

2. Monoblock Medicated Oil Filling Capping Machine

3. Peristaltic Pump Medicated Oil Filling Capping Machine

4. Ceramic Pump Medicated Oil Filling Capping Machine

5. Rollon Glass Bottle Feeding Medicated Oil Filling Roller On Capping Machine

6. Square Bottle Medicated Oil Filling Capping Machine

7. Roll On Medicated Oil Bottle Filling Capping Machine

8. Servo Drive Medicated Oil Bottle Filling Capping Machine

9. High Speed Rotary Type Roll On Medicated Oil Bottle Filling Capping Machine




1. Medicated Oil, Medical Oil, Green Oil, Anti-Itch Oil, Fresh Oil, Refreshing Oil ( GMP Pharmaceutical )

2. Eye Serum, Perfume, Deodorant 

3. Essential Oil, Massge Oil, Herbal Oil

4. Balm Oil, Pain Relief Oil, Wind Oil

5. Cleaning Oil

6. Hair Tonic Oil, Nail Care Oil 




1. Round Glass Bottle With Screw Cap

2. Square Glass Bottle With Screw Cap

3. Oval Glass Bottle With Screw Cap

4. Roll On Glass Bottle With Metal or Glass Ball and Screw Cap





1. 1ML-3ML-5ML

2. 3ML-6ML-9ML

3. 12ML-24ML

4. 50ML -100ML 





1. 30 Bottles/min 

2. 60 Bottles/min 

3. 80 - 120 Bottle/min 






1. Q: What is the capacity of the medicated oil bottle filling and capping machine?

A: The capacity varies depending on the model, but typically it can fill and cap a certain number of bottles per minute, ranging from 30 to 120 bottles per minute.


2. Q: Can this machine handle different bottle sizes?

A: Yes, most medicated oil bottle filling and capping machines are adjustable and can accommodate various bottle sizes within a certain range. such as round glass bottle, roll on bottle, tube bottle, square glass bottle, small neck glass bottle from 1ml, 4ml, 6ml, 8ml, 10ml, 12ml, 24ml, 48ml.


3. Q: How accurate is the filling process?

A: The filling process is highly accurate, with precision controls to ensure consistent fill levels in each bottle.


4. Q: Does the machine require frequent maintenance?

A: Like any machinery, regular maintenance is necessary to ensure optimal performance and longevity. However, modern machines are designed to minimize downtime and maintenance requirements.


5. Q: Can this machine handle both plastic and glass bottles?

A: Yes, the machine is typically versatile enough to handle both plastic and glass bottles commonly used for medicated oils.


6. Q: Is the capping process reliable?

A: Yes, the capping process is designed to securely seal each bottle to prevent leakage or contamination.


7. Q: How easy is it to operate the machine?

A: Most machines are user-friendly and come with intuitive controls, and manufacturers often provide training for operators.


8. Q: Can the machine be integrated into an automated production line?

A: Yes, many medicated oil bottle filling and capping machines are designed to be integrated into automated production lines for increased efficiency.


9. Q: What safety features does the machine have?

A: Safety features may include emergency stop buttons, safety guards, and sensors to prevent accidents during operation.


10. Q: Does the machine made by Reliance Machinery Company come with a warranty?

A: Yes, the medicated oil filling machine manufacturers by RELIANCE offers a warranty period to cover any defects or issues with the machine after purchase.






1. Medicated oil, also known as herbal or therapeutic oil, is a type of oil infused with medicinal herbs, essential oils, or other active ingredients. It's often used in traditional medicine systems like Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and others for various purposes such as pain relief, muscle relaxation, improving circulation, treating skin conditions, and promoting overall well-being. The specific ingredients and formulation of medicated oils can vary widely depending on the intended use and the traditional system from which it originates.


2. The primary function of a medicated oil bottle is to store and dispense medicated oil. These bottles are designed to safely contain the oil while providing convenient access for application or consumption. They typically come with a cap or closure mechanism to seal the bottle, preventing leakage and contamination. Additionally, medicated oil bottles may be designed with features like dropper tops or pumps for precise dosage control during application.


3. There are several famous brands of medicated oil, each with its own unique formulation and reputation.


1. Tiger Balm: Originally developed in the 1870s, Tiger Balm is a popular brand known for its range of medicated ointments, oils, and patches used for pain relief and muscle relaxation.

2. White Flower Oil: This medicated oil, also known as Pak Fah Yeow, is widely recognized for its soothing and aromatic properties, often used for headaches, muscle aches, and nasal congestion.

3. Po Sum On Oil: Originating from Hong Kong, Po Sum On Oil is a blend of herbal ingredients renowned for its ability to relieve muscle pain, arthritis, and insect bites.

4. Axe Brand Universal Oil: Axe Brand Universal Oil, originating from Singapore, is commonly used for relief from headaches, cold symptoms, and muscle discomfort. 5. Mentholatum Deep Heating Rub: This brand offers a range of medicated ointments and oils designed to provide deep heating relief for muscle and joint pain