Shanghai Reliance Machinery provides bottle capping machines for a wide range of applications and production speed. Which is cover spindle capper, chuck capper, rotary capper for caps in different size of diameter and deep screw, A bottle capping machine is a machine that tightens or secures a container’s cap. Every company that fills products into vials, bottles, containers, or jars needs a way to close the container by servo drive with high accuracy. The functional structure of the capping machine includes automatic capping, capping, and automatic capping. It has the characteristics of fast production speed, high degree of automation, and stable operation. It can be widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry, etc., and is suitable for different materials and Caps and screw caps for bottles of different specifications, suitable for screw caps, anti-theft caps, child-proof caps, pressure caps, etc. Equipped with a constant torque capping head, the pressure can be easily adjusted. The structure is compact and reasonable, and can be easily linked with other equipment to form a line.