Bottle washing machine is a kind of equipment widely used in the pharmaceutical, food and health care products, and daily chemical industries. The bottle washing machine is mainly a special equipment for cleaning the inside and outside of glass bottles, plastic bottles, or other similar bottles in continuous mechanical transportation. At present, We Shanghai Reliance Machinery has drum type water washing bottle washing machine, air washing bottle washing machine, vertical high speed bottle washing machine, the production capacity ranges from 30 to 150 bottles per minute, matching according to the speed of the production line, no matter what kind of bottle washing Most of the machines use ultrasonic cleaning technology and the mechanical friction generated by ultrasonic cavitation to clean the strongly adhered substances inside and outside the bottles that are difficult for ordinary bottle washers to clean. Currently, the roller bottle washing machines and Vertical bottle washing machines are the most widely used. These bottle washer machines can be configured with three nozzles per bottle washing station. The three nozzles permit the use of any combination of washing liquid, sanitizing liquid, rinse liquid, and compressed gas, to clear dust or debris from and sanitize your bottles before filling station.