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Factory Acceptance Test FAT Of The 15ml Pharmaceutical Explosopn-proof Filling Capping Machine

Created on:2024-03-07


FAT Of 15ML Explosion-Prood Iodine Bottle Filling Capping Line 



Exciting News Alert! FAT for the 15ml iodine bottle explosion-proof filling and capping machine for the pharmaceutical factory. We are thrilled to announce that our 15ml explosion-proof Pharmaceutical Filling Lines have reached a significant milestone with the speed still increased!



Today we’ve successfully done a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for a complete line encompassing the 15ML Glass bottle Feeding, Rinsing, heating and drying, sterilizing, Filling, and Closing processes. Our cutting-edge design offers a compact solution capable of efficiently handling 15ml iodine with 75% alcohol for pharmaceutical applications, achieving a speed of 6000 bottles/hour.With hygiene as our top priority, our system is engineered to ensure the highest level of cleanliness through water and air rinsing processes.



During the FAT, thousands of bottles are tested, and 500 bottles for accuracy test all within 0.5% - 0.8 %  at 15ml achieved with high accuracy. For this specific iodine application, we overcome the challenges by using a servo-driven volumetric piston pump that offers unmatched flexibility, repeatability, and ease of volume conversion, making it highly operator-friendly.


To ensure utmost consistency, the cap closing torque is servo-controlled, guaranteeing a uniform sealing process every time. Additionally, our system is equipped with an auto-rejection feature that minimizes machine stoppages, resulting in uninterrupted production. 


This remarkable achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the unwavering support of our valued customers who have placed their trust in our professional Pharma Filling system. We extend a heartfelt round of applause to our exceptional team members whose dedication has made this milestone a reality!


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to streamline your pharmaceutical filling operations. Give us a call now to request a quote and witness firsthand the benefits of our reliable and efficient Pharmaceutical Filling Lines. Trust us to take your production to new heights!



After careful manufacturing and rigorous testing, our 15ml liquid filling and capping machine is ready for customer factory acceptance. This equipment will bring efficient and reliable liquid filling and capping solutions to your production line, helping your business achieve greater success.


Acceptance time: March 7, 2024

Acceptance location: Shanghai Reliance Machinery Company factory 

Samples: 15ml amber glass bottle 

Filling Material: 75% iodine 





During this factory acceptance process, we will show the appearance and structure of the equipment and demonstrate various functions of the equipment, including the liquid filling and capping process. We will ensure that the equipment operates normally, and stably, and meets your production needs and standards.


We will conduct production efficiency testing to verify the working efficiency and speed of the equipment, as well as product quality inspection to ensure the sealing performance and consistency of the product. In addition, we will provide you with equipment operation training to ensure that your operators can operate the equipment proficiently and keep the equipment in good condition.



After this acceptance, we confirm that the 15ml liquid filling and capping machine meets your requirements and standards, the equipment operates normally, the work efficiency is high, and the product quality is excellent. We believe that this equipment will bring higher efficiency and quality to your production line and provide strong support for your business development.


Thank you for your trust and support in us. If you have any questions about your device or require further support, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to establishing a long-term cooperative relationship with you and growing together!



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