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High speed horizontal sticker labeling machine for medicated oil roll on glass bottle

Created on:2023-11-10






The automatic servo drive 10ml medicated oil roller-on bottle horizontal sticker labeling machine represents a significant advancement in pharmaceutical packaging technology. This specialized machine is specifically designed to apply labels horizontally onto 10ml roller-on bottles containing medicated oil. Its horizontal labeling mechanism ensures precise and consistent placement of labels, enhancing product aesthetics and brand presentation.

Equipped with advanced automation features, this labeling machine offers pharmaceutical manufacturers increased efficiency and productivity in their packaging processes. It can handle a wide range of bottle sizes and shapes, providing versatility and flexibility in production. Additionally, its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make operation straightforward and hassle-free.

Horizontal sticker labeling machine, pharmaceutical companies can improve throughput, reduce labor costs, and maintain high standards of quality and accuracy in their medicated oil packaging operations.









1. Application Pharmaceutical 1-10ML Roll On Bottle 
2. Filling Range  1ML- 30ML
3. Function Filling Roller Ball Stoppering - Capping
4. Capacity  30 - 60 bottles/Min 
5. Filling System Piston pump, Peristaltic pump, ceramic pump
6. Accuracy  ±  0.5 % - ± 1%
7. Model R-VF/S
8. Dimension  2400 x 1550 x 1750 mm ( L X W X H )
9. Weight 1250 KG 








1. Speed: 30- 60 bottles/min

2. Function: bottle feeding - liquids/oil filling- rollers sorting and feeding - rollers pick up and place on - caps sorting and feeding - caps place on - cap close 

3. Application: pain release oil/pharmaceutical/ essential oil, massage oil / medicated oil/ CBD oil/ perfume

4. Drive type: servo drive system for capping 

5. Cover: table, conveyor, rollers hopper, caps hopper, arm pick up, capping head, PLC, touch screen, servo system + drive system. 

6. Packing line: filling machine, rotary feeding table, labeling machine, cartoner machine





















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