Whether you are creating a new filling and packing plant or automating an existing line, considering an individual machine, or investing in a complete line, purchasing modern equipment can be an uphill task. A point to remember is that the liquid filling machine is the one machine in direct contact with your liquid product. So besides operational efficiency, it needs to handle your product with care, without compromising on product quality and hygiene.



There are many aspects and criteria to be considered when selecting the best liquid filling machine for your enterprise. Let’s discuss 5 of the most basic ones:


1. Filling machine output requirements: When selecting a filling machine, select the corresponding model of the filling machine according to the product output requirements. For example, the hourly output of a single-station filling machine is 1800 bottles/hour, the hourly output of a double-station filling machine is 3600 bottles/hour, and the hourly output of a high-speed rotary filling machine is 7200 bottles/hour. Products can also be customized according to needs.



2. Function of the filling machine: It is very important to choose the appropriate filling machine according to the functional requirements. For example, many pharmaceutical manufacturers need to clean the filling machine after filling and producing the products. You can choose Convenient disassembly function. For example, during the filling production of spray filling machines, many pharmaceutical manufacturers need to make the filling machine explosion-proof if the alcohol content reaches 75% and require an independent electrical cabinet. You can choose an explosion-proof filling machine. For another example, if some products require inkjet printing or coding, you can add laser inkjet coding or laser coding device. Of course, you can also choose inkjet coding or coding.



3. Filling machine usage area: Choose the filling machine model based on the usage area where the filling machine equipment can be placed in the company's production workshop. This should also be combined with the product's production capacity to select the model. For example, if the filling machine area reserved in your production workshop is large enough and the production capacity is high, you can choose a large filling machine equipment. If the filling machine area reserved is large enough, the production capacity is not high or the reserved area is relatively small. Small, at this time you can choose a disc filling machine, a semi-automatic filling machine, or a small desktop filling machine.



4. Subsequent reuse capability of the filling machine: Depending on the size of the enterprise's project, the model of the filling machine can be selected based on the reuse capability of the filling machine. This should also be combined with the project cycle of the product to select the reuse capability.



For example, the long-term project can achieve the service life of the filling machine of 10-20 years. If the output is increased or the production capacity is increased in the middle, the performance of the filling machine can be improved by modifying it. If the project is small, factors such as modifying the performance of the filling machine after use should be considered. The above is the introduction of relevant information on "Basic Factors for Selecting Filling Machines". I believe you already have a certain understanding of the selection of fully automatic filling machine models. The selection of the filling machine model is particularly important. You can tell the filling machine manufacturer the packaging requirements for all aspects of the product and tailor-make the filling machine for your own product.